Have you just discovered water damage on your property? Did it just happen? Or has it been there for a long time? It is best that you know if the water damage is old or new. This will help you understand how severe the issue might be, and what you’ve got to do to prevent it from coming back.

Here are several ways to tell if that water damage is new or old

Asking the Experts

It is possible that you aren’t sure where that came from, or if you could blame the previous owner of the house for the issue if you are wondering how to tell if the water damage is old or new. Consulting with a professional water damage restoration in Springfield MO could help. They could check the severity and age of the damage. In addition to that, these professionals can help you look for the cause and restore your property.

Check Mold

The growth of mold can start within 1 up to 2 days of water damage. You will easily figure out that the area has been soaked for at least 2 days if you’ve got visible mold on the water damaged part. If you find a more extensive growth of mold, it might be a sign that the water damage has been there for quite some time.

However, the lack of mold does not really mean the damage is new. There can be other biological aspects that explain the absence of mold growth. Perhaps it is too cold or too hot for mold to thrive. Or, maybe the excess moisture quickly dried out as well. Your HEPA filter might be getting rid of mold spores if you’ve got one running. This will limit the growth of mold on the water damaged part.

Touch the Area

Areas that have been damaged by water are possibly new if it is wet but not soft. The water has had time to soak in and damaged the integrity of the drywall if you touch the spot and your drywall is soft. Because of that, you’ll have an idea that water damage has been there for a long time. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that hard materials might not soften at all. This includes tiles.

Search for Rings

If they’ve suffered water damage for quite some time, wooden flooring, drywall, and other soften materials might develop “rings”. The water will discolor the material by soaking in. After drying out, the water will leave behind a stain. You will probably see multiple rings of water damage if this occurs several times. Some rings will be small and some will be big. This means that the water damage has been there for a long time.

In addition to that, the water damage is recurrent if you find rings. It occurs often. However, there are elements that can make the material to dry out. The source of the water damage could be a broken pipe or a leaking roof.