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HP Pavilion TX1000 TX1100 AMD CPU Motherboard 441097-001


  • Model: 441097-001
  • Shipping Weight: 0.2g
  • 65 Units in Stock
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Product Description

  • Part Number: 441097-001
  • Category: HP Compaq Laptop System Boards
  • Manufacturer: HP Compaq
  • Specifications: System board (motherboard) for full-featured models - AMD dual-core processor supported, nVIDIA C51M chipset (Northbridge) which has the MCP51 Southbridge
  • Condition: Refurbished, Tested and Guaranteed to Work Perfectly
  • warranty one month

HP Pavilion TX1000 AMD CPU Motherboard 441097-001 compatible with the following Models:

  • HP Pavilion TX1000 Series
    HP Pavilion TX1000, TX1001AU, TX1001XX, TX1002AU, TX1002XX, TX1003AU, TX1003XX, TX1004AU, TX1005AU, TX1006AU, TX1007AU, TX1008AU, TX1009AU, TX1010AU, TX1011AU, TX1012AU, TX1013AU, TX1014AU, TX1020EA, TX1030EA, TX1030LA, TX1040EA, TX1080EA, TX1016AU, TX1017AU, TX1020AU, TX1021AU, TX1070BR, TX1000 CTO, TX1000Z CTO, TX1000Z, TX1015AU, TX1019AU
  • HP Pavilion TX1100 Series
    HP Pavilion TX1106AU, TX1150EA, TX1125EA, TX1129EA, TX1137EA, TX1100, TX1101AU, TX1102AU, TX1103AU, TX1104AU, TX1105AU, TX1126EA, TX1127EA, TX1128EA, TX1138EA, TX1140EA, TX1151EA, TX1107AU, TX1110CA, TX1110US, TX1115NR, TX1119US, TX1120US, TX1127CL
  • HP Pavilion TX1200 Series
    HP Pavilion TX1200, TX1240EF, TX1250EO, TX1250ES, TX1270ED, TX1270EO, TX1270EP, TX1270ES, TX1240ER, TX1250EA, TX1250EE, TX1250EG, TX1250EL, TX1250EN, TX1260EA, TX1280ER, TX1220AU, TX1250ET, TX1201AU, TX1202AU, TX1204AU, TX1205AU, TX1206AU, TX1207AU, TX1208AU, TX1209AU, TX1210AU, TX1211AU, TX1212AU, TX1213AU, TX1214AU, TX1215AU, TX1217AU, TX1218AU, TX1219AU, TX1223AU, TX1224AU, TX1225AU, TX1226AU, TX1200 CTO, TX1203AU, TX1205US, TX1208CA, TX1210CA, TX1210US, TX1215NR, TX1216AU, TX1217CL, TX1218CA, TX1219US, TX1220CA, TX1220US, TX1221AU, TX1222AU, TX1228CA, TX1230LA, TX1232LA
  • HP Pavilion TX1300 Series
    HP Pavilion TX1320EG, TX1320EO, TX1320ER, TX1325EP, TX1325ES, TX1340EA, TX1345EO, TX1350EE, TX1350EF, TX1350EL, TX1350EN, TX1350ER, TX1350ET, TX1390EF, TX1301AU, TX1302AU, TX1303AU, TX1313AU, TX1314AU, TX1315AU, TX1316AU, TX1317AU, TX1318AU, TX1319AU, TX1320AU, TX1321AU, TX1300, TX1304AU, TX1305AU, TX1306AU, TX1307AU, TX1308AU, TX1309AU, TX1310AU, TX1311AU, TX1312AU, TX1320ES, TX1340ES, TX1350ED, TX1304CA, TX1305CA, TX1305US, TX1306NR, TX1308CA, TX1308NR, TX1314CA, TX1318CA, TX1320CA, TX1320US, TX1325NR, TX1327CL, TX1330LA, TX1332LA, TX1360ER, TX1330ES
  • HP Pavilion TX1400 Series
    HP Pavilion TX1400, TX1401AU, TX1402AU, TX1403AU, TX1404AU, TX1410US, TX1414CA, TX1416CA, TX1417CL, TX1418CA, TX1419NR, TX1420CA, TX1420US, TX1499US

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