Building a fence needs a lot of budgeting and planning. Of course, as a homeowner, you want to save as much money as you can. If you’ve got a tight budget and want to build a fence, don’t worry. We are here to help.   

Here are several things you have to know to save money when buying a fence.   

Warnings and Considerations  

  • Before hiring a fencing company, get at least 3 written estimates. This will offer you a better idea of the expenses of labor and materials.   
  • Before you make a decision on fencing, you should inspect your property first.   
  • A professional fence company Keller TX should be able to show you with a precise timeframe to help you get a sensible idea of labor expenses.   
  • In almost every occasion, fence installation includes 3 phases. This includes digging post holes, installation of the post, and fence installation. So, you have to know the time frame it will take for a professional to finish every task.  
  • When choosing the ideal type of fencing materials, you should consider the primary goal of installing a fence. While you might want to cut expenses, it is crucial to also think about other aspects. This includes maintenance.  
  • The cost of installing a fence depends greatly on the size and shape of your yard.   
  • Your location greatly influences the cost of the fence. But, nationally, the average cost for installing a new fence is around $1,000 up to $4,500.  

Labor Expenses  

Perhaps the largest aspect involved in the cost of fence installation is the labor cost. While the average fee for a fence installation runs around $25 up to $60/hour, particular conditions can increase the total cost.   

For instance, it can add to the fence installation cost if your contractor has to acquire requirements or city permits for a homeowner’s association. Thus, to lower labor expenses, it is best if you do these tasks.   

The price can greatly increase if your yard has a lot of abnormal obstructions, trees, or other pre-existing structures.   

Fence installation can be more costly if you’ve got steep slopes on your yard, or if you’ve got several places that are hard to access.  

Fencing Material  

The cost of having a fence installed is affected by several factors. The type of fencing material is one of the main factors.   

For instance, wrought iron or aluminum is the most expensive fencing material. For those who don’t know, they can cost around $40/square foot.  

Vinyl fencing is lightweight. It can cost around $5 up to $13/square foot. It can be installed easily. However, it isn’t as appropriate for security purposes as metal fencing. The installation cost of a vinyl fence is around $25/square foot.  

A wood fence typically costs around $4 up to $10/square foot. However, the cost of installing a wood fence can differ. There are several factors that affect it. This includes decorative details, height, and wood type.  

The cheapest material is probably a chain link fencing. The cost runs around $4 up to $6 per square foot.