You have to know how to efficiently dispose of your old furniture if you update your furnishings, downsize, or getting ready to move. Getting rid of old furniture can be hard. This depends on the furniture’s condition and your options for local disposal.

To help you, here are several ways to get rid of old furniture:

Hire a Professional

Hiring a junk removal in Springfield MO is a much better option. They will do all the heavy lifting for you and efficiently and quickly take all of your furnishings away. Paying for a professional and reliable furniture disposal company is certainly your ideal choice.

You could also hire a friend with a truck to come and haul your furniture away. But, you will still have to carry and break down your heavy recliner, sofa, or couch out the front door. You might have to help load it as well, depending on who you hire.

Think About Selling Them

Going to a local flea market, joining in neighborhood yard sales, and even having a garage sale can offer you a way to remove your old furniture pieces. Unluckily, you will still need to haul them.

In a lot of cities and towns, you can look for local delivery shops that would take your old couch or sofa and display it for sale. In the deal, you can make some cash and they can make a commission. Though you will not see your money immediately, you do get rid of your old furniture.

You can sell old furniture on websites such as eBay and Craig’s List. Furthermore, there are websites out there that can help. This includes Chairish and Nextdoor. Keep in mind that you have to offer clear descriptions, excellent photos, and to mention any damage or stains. Have the buyer to come to pick up the furniture if possible.

The biggest drawback of these options is that you have to transport your furniture.

Consider Donating Your Old Furniture

Your own community is one of the first places that you should think about. You may find a neighbor in need of a used, but good, sofa or couch if you do not have a close friend or family member who will take your unwanted piece. You should certainly think about donating to your homeless shelters, senior centers, or local community centers if all your options fail.

Oftentimes, the local community theater could make good use of old furniture for stage props if your town has one. Also, do not forget the local high school or college drama departments. They will probably need things such as your club chair or old sofa.

There are a lot of charity organizations that would take used furniture that is still in excellent condition. Several of them will refurbish it slightly and sell it again. On the other hand, a lot of them will just re-use or recycle it. Before dropping off huge furniture pieces, you should always contact to check ahead what they’re going to do with your furniture.